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Cousins make the best friends...

Marion Garretty said: “A cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost”. I love this! And so true, at least for this girl who grew up with 2 cousins close by who are still very much a part of my life. It's a special thing to have people around who have known you for just about your entire life, and have family in common. Even when we go longer than we should without seeing each other or talking, it's the same when we are together. Families ties! Which brings me to this particular shoot..... lots of cousins!!! When Nonnie found out that all her grandchildren were going to be in the same state for a few days, she knew a photo shoot was in order to capture them all together! (And I kid you not--even with 3 sets of parents involved, every single kid showed up wearing some varying shade of blue!) Despite some of the cousins living on the other coast, this family does an amazing job of staying in touch and visiting each other, and you can tell how much they love to all be together--and how much they love their Nonnie and Pop :) The 2 year olds gladly accepted holding hands with their big cousins, and the girls were always ready to hug each other--it was the sweetest. I hope these beautiful children stay somehow bonded through the years!

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