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Cookies with Cousins

When my cousin suggested getting all of the kids together to make cookies together before Christmas while our 97 year old added her famous pecan balls to the mix, we all couldn't wait. It was so cute to see all the kids rolling (eating) the dough, pressing the cookie cutters in, pulling out their shapes, and of course the best part, the decorating! Lots of focus could be seen around the decorating table as they added icing, sprinkles, and little pearls and candy canes. (I should also add here, my cousin was brave to host, and I am sure they were finding sprinkles into Valentine's Day!) I definitely caught some of these little people red-handed tasting their artwork early :) We are so lucky that our Mimi was up to the task, and passed some of her baking skills and knowledge on to this generation. She undoubtedly had a ball! Thanks for what will hopefully be an annual tradition!

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