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Pricing & Details

Let's make some memories! 

  • Approx.1 hour session on location

  • 35 professionally edited high resolution digital images shared on private gallery

  • Also includes mobile app of your gallery

  • Ability to purchase additional a la carte items (see below)


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I love catching the candid moments, the sweet interactions, the laughing, the crying, the silly, the serious, and everything in between. While we will definitely get some classic family photos, my overall goal is to catch the essence of your kids and your family as a whole. Because to me, that is more meaningful than any pose I could ask for. I like to choose locations where kids can be kids and explore, and play, and have 'space', as I find that works the best for everyone! I keep things moving along, because I get that kids reach limits and need a change of scenery sometimes. So no stress, parents! We're going to have a good time along the way!


I strive to make our time together fun, playful, silly, and enjoyable to everyone in your family. I know the term 'photo shoot' can strike fear in the hearts of children (and let's be honest, some dads!), but it really is an opportunity to take time out of your busy lives and enjoy being with each other. I'll just be there to capture your time together so you can remember life as it stands 'today', since it goes by so quickly! 


While I will provide digital images to you as part of your package, I feel strongly that every family should have something to be able to hold in their hands over time.  Technology is AWESOME these days for so many things, but let's face it---images that are stuck on your computer may never make it further than a Facebook post! 


If you are making an investment of money and time to get your family pictures taken, part of that should include something tangible. Later in life, your kids will want to see pictures of themselves when they were younger, they will want to see pictures of you from this point in time.  You are going to want to be able to see them as their younger selves. I don't know about you, but I love seeing pictures of my grandparents when they were newlyweds, and pictures of my parents holding me when I was a baby, of me with my sister and brother when we were kids.  Computers will crash, memories do fade...but photos really are forever!  

Things to hold

Items available include:

  • Framed Artwork

  • Canvas Art

  • Prints

  • Mini albums

  • Heirloom Albums

  • In-home consultation

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