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Changes in latitudes...

I love this family! Mom and Dad are two of the sweetest people I know, a beautiful couple inside and out, and amazing parents to such great & happy kids. These little people are so, so sweet, and so sweet to each other--not to mention just beautiful children! They were major city slickers for a long time, but they seem to be adjusting quite well to life outside the city---of course it always helps when you have your own beach just steps away, right?!

We had a really good time together! They just moved to a *fabulous* new house, and wanted to get some pictures there--and of course, now I want a porch so I too can have a porch swing. Then we wandered down to the beach which was just gorgeous all around. You can't go wrong with a water view! I got to see their favorite spots down there--especially the lifeguard chair, always a kids favorite. I know there will be lots of wonderful memories made in your new home and neighborhood. You have all the right ingredients!

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