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100% awesome

ALL THE HAPPY, this family! These kids are basically 100% AWESOME. This 2 year old brought her A game. Big bro could not have been sweeter, and was so into it. And really--who needs trees and leaves for a fall shoot, anyway?!

Now, I have 2 kids that are basically the same ages as these two. It is a VERY rare day that I could even remotely catch them being as sweet to each other for as long as these guys were loving on each other. I mean, do you SEE the pictures with them whispering to each other and holding hands?! It was completely authentic with no prompting, folks. Hand clap for some sweet, sibling love and amazing parenting skills (obvi) :) We all really had a lot of fun, and I loved getting to know these little people with big personalities. I definitely left smiling. Hope you do too!

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