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Here Comes Sunshine

I am so used to shooting littles, that it was super fun to shoot a family with tweens and a teen! Kids who take direction easily--say WHAT?! They were awesome. Such a high energy, positive family to spend time with! And what a gorgeous evening we had; that light! I'm so glad we were able to find an hour amidst the craziness of a family with 3 kids, in between carpooling, concerts, traveling, sports and social calendars! And like all brothers and sisters do, I *heard* that they are known to argue sometimes...but check out the heart pic-totally unprompted by can see the love is there. And they all love their momma to the moon and back, that's easy to see. I also do try to always be sure to get some pictures of mom and dad together (alone) during our time together. Unless we're asking our kids to take a blurry, crooked picture of us with our iPhone, I know I don't have enough of these--and your kids will want these pictures of their parents someday, trust me!

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