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The many faces of our beautiful boy

My goal is to take each of the kids out around their birthday to get some photos --I urge you to do the same! Nothing crazy formal, but letting them be the 'star' and letting them choose what they want to do--like in our case, doing the dab, playing on the playground, seeing how high he could jump, and running into a driving headwind! I can even remember our conversation when he is cracking up and it still makes me giggle.

Camera, iPhone, whatever you want to use-just get the pictures! It's so fun to compare how different they look year to year, they really get a kick out of it too. Even if you do a traditional fall or spring shoot with a photographer, there is just something special to me about their actual birthday (or birthday month....let's not be too hard on ourselves with the date, life is busy, right?!). I want them to be able to see how beautiful they are, what they look like through my eyes. Maybe not as big a deal to them while they are small, but I know this gets harder as the years go on. I hope they always know what wonderful people they are, inside and out. Happy Birthday, pal! (and yes, this awesome guy even let me do a wardrobe change for him--he GETS me!!!)

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